It’s obviously getting pretty old watching mainstream media news outlets abandon any semblance of journalistic standards in order to make President Trump look bad. They don’t even pretend to care about the truth anymore.

Despite the frequency of the fake headlines it’s still important to call them out when they get so bad they go beyond the point of basic human decency.

A story from The Hill (picked up by others) recently did just that.

Bernie noticed the story.

So did California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Wow. That’s some big news! Trump is sending migrant children to internment camps. What a monster.

There’s just one problem.

That’s a disgustingly misleading headline.

The real story is that these children are being temporarily housed at an Army base because the crisis at the border has reached unsustainable levels thanks to Democrats.  A completely reasonable and humane move by the Trump Administration.

The media also left out another fun fact.

Obama did the same thing.

Where was the outrage then?

Also, since when do Democrats care about internment camps? Are they forgetting that the guy who decided to throw American citizens in jail simply because of their skin color was Franklin Delano Roosevelt? Is the left finally acknowledging what a tyrant FDR was?

The Hill could have ran a clearer headline. They muddied the waters on purpose to accomplish a political objective.

Media malpractice.

H/T Daily Caller