The conventional wisdom out there when it comes to immigration is that Democrats want open borders because they are nicer and more compassionate than everyone else.

That’s not at all what’s going on.

Democrats want more votes and Democrats want immigrants to clean their homes, wash their dishes, and clean their bathrooms.

Don’t take my word for it.

The New York Times just admitted it.

Tucker Carlson, as always, summed up the article perfectly.

The article is really astonishing. The Times is openly complaining about the fact that business owners in Martha’s Vineyard have to clean their own bathrooms because Trump is cutting back on importing cheap labor into the country.

Trump is opening up tens of thousands of jobs to Americans and somehow that’s a bad thing.

That’s how the left sees immigration. In fact, that’s really how the left views immigrants in general. They are the help.

Meryl Streep doesn’t want illegal immigrants from all around the world moving into her gated community. She wants them taking out her trash. Don’t forget that.

H/T Breitbart