If there is anything we have learned from the left’s response to the Parkland shooting it’s that children are brilliant and they should be the ones in charge of the gun control debate in this country. Whatever they say goes.

It’s horrible what these children went through but that doesn’t make them experts in the gun control debate. Children can’t drive, vote, smoke, rent a car, or do basically anything an adult can do and yet the left wants us to just accept whatever they have to say when it comes to guns. Guns are scary. Children don’t like them. So, let’s toss out the 2nd amendment.

It makes absolutely no sense.

When children were leaving class to protest gun violence the mainstream media couldn’t get enough of it. Bernie Sanders showed up to one of the walkouts. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo showed up. It was the biggest story on every single liberal news outlet for a solid few days.

Then, something weird happened.

Children across the country walked out of class to have a conversation about protecting the unborn and the media apparently missed the memo.

From Newsbusters:

On Wednesday, the three broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) never once mentioned the pro-life walkout during their news shows on the night of the event, April 11. In contrast, the same evening shows devoted more than 10 minutes to the gun walkout the day it happened. This comes after the networks covered the March for Our Lives 13 times more than the pro-life March for Life.

The walkout site listed 191 high schools and 81 colleges as participating. But according to a Tuesday statement from Kristan Hawkins, the president of Students for Life of America (SFLA), which helped organize the event, “more than 350 students and student group leaders from across the country have contacted Students for Life about their plans to stand with pregnant and parenting students.”

The networks didn’t listen – for that walkout. But during their evening news shows on March 14, the same networks spent a combined spent 10 minutes, 14 seconds on the gun walkout the day it happened.

On March 14, NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt recognized the national school walkout’s “unprecedented and powerful display.” From there, correspondent Gabe Gutierrez noted the “loudest lesson was outside the classroom” with the “17 minutes to honor the 17 victims” of the Parkland, Florida shooting. The network spent 4 minutes, 3 seconds on the walkout.


What happened to listening to the children?

We all understand that the left is hypocritical but it’s still remarkable to watch them not even pretend to be consistent on a daily basis. They aren’t even trying.

This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller