It’s been mind-boggling watching the liberal left lie on what seems like an hourly basis about Trump’s tax plan.  The way Democrats are presenting this plan, most Americans will see a tax increase and the world could possibly end. No seriously, Nancy Pelosi actually used the word ‘Armageddon’ to describe the tax plan.

We often hear from liberals that corporations don’t give tax breaks and profits back to their employees. Instead, they sit on the money and line their own pockets because rich people are evil blah blah blah.

Here’s a super smart liberal writer from Think Progress tweeting yesterday.


Fast forward to today…


Gee. That’s weird. Seems like Wells Fargo employees just benefitted from these tax cuts in a pretty significant way without even factoring in the tax code relief that’s on the way.

Fifth Third Bank did the same thing.

From Cincinnati Enquirer:

Crediting the Republican tax plan, Fifth Third Bank said Wednesday it would boost the minimum pay for its employees to $15 per hour.

Congressional passage of the $1.5 trillion tax cut this week allowed the regional bank to re-evaluate its pay structure, Fifth Third officials said

So did AT&T.

From Fox Business:

AT&T (T) said Wednesday it will give its U.S. employees a special bonus as a result of the Republican tax reform bill.

More than 200,000 employees of the telecom giant will be eligible for a $1,000 bonus, AT&T announced. The company will cut the bonus checks over the holidays if President Donald Trump signs the tax bill before Christmas, as expected.

The bottom line here is that Americans are already reaping the benefits of this tax bill despite the liberal hysteria.

Even a talking head on CNN was forced to admit what’s going on.

Democrats are already on the wrong side of the argument about what this tax bill will do and it hasn’t even been signed into law yet.

H/T Stephen Miller, Townhall