I’ve been a little wary about covering this “Google memo” story because it seems like bad form to go after a company like Google that literally controls the internet.  As someone who relies on internet traffic, I should probably be careful.

However, it’s a really interesting and important story and Tucker Carlson’s monologue on the situation was just too good not to share.  He summed up what’s going on perfectly and asked all the right questions when he sat down for an interview with the now fired Google engineer who dared to question a sacred liberal dogma. Here’s Tucker’s recap of what’s going on.

First of all, Vice President of Diversity? Yikes…

Secondly, Tucker Carlson couldn’t have been more spot on.

What this really hammers home is that the tolerant, progressive, open minded left proves time and time again that they are actually the exact opposite of those things.

The left has no interest in ideas that challenge them. Instead, they adopt the fascist tactic of smothering the dissenting voice.  This has been happening for years but to see it take place at a company like Google that is supposed to be ahead of the curve is pretty stunning.

You can check out Tucker’s interview with Damore here.

You want to talk about fascism?  Google is literally silencing an opinion that makes them uncomfortable.  Tucker’s right.  That’s anti-American.

Another great segment from Tucker.  No one else on cable news is covering this story correctly.  The left’s shift toward shutting down dissenting opinion should trouble every American.

Hopefully, challenging Google’s decision won’t make this the last post you ever see from me.  If so, it’s been fun. Hope you enjoyed it.