I wanted to take a second and talk about all the North Korea stories that have been swirling almost on a daily basis the past week or so.  Some really fascinating developments have come to our attention.  First, we learned that North Korea does, in fact, have the ability to strike U.S. soil with a missile.  That was new.  Then, we found out that they are able to attach a miniaturized nuclear warhead to one of those missiles.  That’s a first as well.  That’s a huge deal. But, before I explain how insane it is those two things happened. Watch this CNN interview between radio host Ben Ferguson and “Never Trump” lunatic Rick Wilson.

What was that? Is Rick Wilson serious? First of all, I’m having a hard time understanding how a Republican who refused to support Trump would ever be brought on TV to offer up political analysis again.  He clearly has no idea what’s going on in the country.  People that don’t understand Trump honestly shouldn’t ever be allowed to talk about him on TV. If you’re a Republican and you weren’t supporting the nominee by summer of 2016, you missed the boat and your intellect card is revoked.  Second, Wilson is literally reciting Democrat talking points like most “Never Trumpers” are wont to do.  There’s no difference between Wilson’s position and the position of Democrat leadership.  And where did that get us over the last 8 years?

Wilson’s big problem is that Trump used the term “fire and fury” to respond to North Korea’s threat to kill all of us.  According to Wilson, that’s mean and dangerous. Or something.  He doesn’t really have a coherent argument because he is claiming that diplomacy and deterrents are the way to handle the situation.  But we know that’s false because we have tried it for 30 years. And here we are.

Wilson’s argument – an argument shared by Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and every other spineless Republican who can’t handle it when someone raises their voice – is that we can talk this out with diplomacy and sanctions.

He’s wrong.  How do I know he’s wrong? Because that’s what Obama and Bush did and North Korea is more dangerous than ever.

Let’s recap.  8 years ago, when Obama took office, North Korea did not have the ability to launch a missile past the Sea of Japan assuming they even got it off the launch pad, they couldn’t hit U.S. soil, and they couldn’t attach a nuclear warhead to a missile.  After 8 years of lofty rhetoric, sanctions, and “diplomacy”, now they can.

This isn’t rocket science.  That game plan didn’t work and yet, there’s Rick Wilson acting offended that Trump would dare use forceful rhetoric.

Trump talks differently than Obama did.  He talks differently than Bush did.  He talks differently than the establishments of both parties.  The sooner that his detractors realize that’s a good thing, the sooner we can actually start getting things done and moving in the right direction.