I know people get tired of the “what if this happened to a Republican” game that we play every time media bias is exposed but bear with me on this one.  The media is not fair to Republicans and they never will be but that’s not an excuse to give them a pass when they flat out refuse to do their job.

That’s exactly what happened today on NBC when Chuck Todd had Bernie Sanders on to talk about the important issues.  And by important issues, I mean bashing Trump and ignoring issues that might embarrass Bernie.

You might not know this if you don’t follow right-leaning news outlets, but Bernie Sanders and his wife are under FBI investigation for bank fraud stemming from Jane Sanders’ disastrous tenure as the head of a small college in Vermont. Simply put, she ran the college into the ground and Bernie might have helped her pressure a bank into giving her a loan for ten million dollars.

Chuck Todd, who has a TV show that exists for the sole purpose of telling the American people the truth, sat down Sunday for a seven-minute interview with Bernie Sanders and guess how many times he asked Bernie about the investigation?

Zero times. He didn’t even bring it up.

That’s the best we can do huh?

Bernie and his wife could very well be innocent. Although, people who don’t commit bank fraud typically don’t get investigated for bank fraud. We can give Bernie the benefit of the doubt but do we really have to ignore it?

I’m not even asking Todd to be tough on Bernie and badger him like a decent reporter would.  Just ask him once. Get something on the record. That’s your job.

But, he didn’t and it begs the age old question.  Would Todd act the same way if a Republican senator was on the program?

Of course, the answer is: not in a million years.

The mainstream media continues to do everything they can to make sure Republicans stay in power and it’s pretty remarkable that they don’t realize it.