President Obama made his first formal appearance since the inauguration today and he said a lot of interesting things.  For starters, he basically admitted that if pictures of him from high school were leaked during his 2008 campaign he “probably” wouldn’t have won. Lovely.  Another bang up job by the mainstream media.  Obama also admitted that he didn’t do enough to stop the bloodshed in Chicago. Not exactly a bombshell revelation but a little bit of a surprise.  Lastly, check out what Obama had to say about immigration.

Am I the only one who was immediately reminded of this lovely soundbite from the worst presidential candidate in American history?

Can you imagine if Trump said something like that? The media would be losing their minds about how Trump doesn’t know how immigration works or Trump is racist or some ridiculous premise like that.

Obama is using the same tactic that Hillary used in that clip.  Downplaying a serious problem by turning it into a joke.

What point is Obama even trying to make here? Let’s not stress out about the paperwork of Syrian refugees because Ellis Island? Or something?

The false equivalency here is just mind-boggling.

First of all, it’s insane to pretend that the situation during the Ellis Island days is comparable to now.  Second of all, even if his statement is correct, that doesn’t mean that was a good thing.  Is he trying to make the argument that haphazardly doing things is good? What’s wrong with this guy?

It is becoming increasingly clear that Obama is going to inject himself in just about every political issue during Trump’s presidency.  That might actually be a benefit to Trump if this is the best Obama can do.