One of SGR’s biggest gripes since Day 1 was Obama’s out of control and lawless EPA.

The scandals, the job killing, the law breaking, the immorality.

It was a rough 8 years, but that’s all over now. ┬áThere has been an incredible amount of winning taking place at the EPA since Scott Pruitt took over and it’s been disappointing that many in the media have ignored what great news that is.

Here’s the latest positive news from the EPA.

From Washington Examiner:

The Environmental Protection Agency is no longer about “regulating an entire industry out of business,” EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said Thursday, visiting a large coal-fired power plant in Missouri that likely would have been forced to close under the Obama EPA’s climate plan.

“Coal is, and will continue to be, a critical part of America’s energy mix,” Pruitt said while visiting the Thomas Hill Energy Center in Clifton Hill. “Last week I went underground in a Pennsylvania coal mine, and today I got a first-hand look at a Missouri coal-fired power plant,” he said.

Pruitt reiterated what he told coal miners in Pennsylvania a week ago. “I’m committed to working in coordination with states to create a healthy environment where jobs and businesses can grow,” he said. “That’s the purpose of my Back-to-Basics agenda,” which is the name of the campaign he announced last week.

400 mines closed and tens of thousands of Americans lost their livelihoods during the Obama years due to nothing more than rabid climate change ideology.

That’s no longer the norm. ┬áReason enough to have supported Trump in November.