Jeff Sessions is keeping his cool during a barrage of inane and silly questions from Democrats during his AG confirmation hearing.

The guy is a consummate professional and there is no doubt that he has what it takes to be Attorney General of the United States.

The left has predictably been trying to paint Sessions as a racist despite his long track record of clearly not being one.

We often see liberals expose their own virulent racism in the process of trying to smear Republicans as racist.

That’s exactly what happened today with one of MTV’s “culture writers” and it’s pretty gross.

Evil racist monster Jeff Sessions has an Asian granddaughter and apparently he only pretends to love her but can’t stand her deep down because of his personal unbridled hatred of minorities.

Or at least that’s what this liberal writer seems to believe…

From Washington Examiner:

Ira Madison, who identifies himself as a culture writer for MTV, on Tuesday accused U.S. attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions of holding his granddaughter in his lap during his confirmation hearing for political purposes.

In a series of messages Tuesday on Twitter, Madison charged Sessions with having a history championing discriminatory policies and of using his granddaughter to send an “I’m not racist” message.



Doesn’t get much lower than that.

OK maybe it does get lower.

This is just another example of how hysterical the left has become.  Nothing is off limits.

The original tweet was deleted so I’d like to think that means this guy kinda knows what he said was absurd.

Or not…

Real funny “joke” there guy.