Barbara Boxer once stood on the Senate floor and said that a baby isn’t a baby until it leaves the hospital.

Clearly, this isn’t someone interested in civil debate and political discourse.

18 years later, Boxer finally decided that she had caused enough damage to the state of California (and the American political system in general) and was ready to retire from her life on Capitol Hill.

But not before gifting us with one more embarrassing moment…

From The Weekly Standard:

Last week, with only days remaining before ceding her seat to the newly sworn-in Sen. Kamala Harris (also D-California), Boxer was on the Senate floor orating that the notoriously liberal San Francisco-based Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals was facing a “judicial emergency.” Translated into standard English, that means that Trump, as president, has the power to fill four vacancies (two current, two looming) out of the 9th Circuit’s 29 active-judge seats during 2017. Those appointments could flip the court conservative—or at least more moderate, which is indeed an emergency if you’re Barbara Boxer.

Boxer was trying desperately, if unsuccessfully so far, to persuade the Republican-led Senate to confirm U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh, an appointee of outgoing President Barack Obama, to the 9th Circuit before Trump takes office.

Boxer’s declaration of a “judicial emergency” was only one of her numerous rearguard actions against Trump in the wake of the election. On November 10 she tried to cheer up a weeping Chelsea Handler: “[W]e are not giving it up.” On November 15 she introduced a bill to eliminate the Electoral College, the noxious fountainhead of Trump’s presidential victory. And in a December 23 op-ed she begged the Los Angeles Times to engage in “courageous journalism” against the man she said had “threatened the media.”

Apparently, Republicans holding judicial seats is a “judicial emergency”.

Might be a little much don’t you think?

Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer, two of the most partisan senators in modern political history, will begin slowly fading away into irrelevancy this month.

That’s definitely something to celebrate regardless of what your political leanings are.