Well gang, it finally happened.

We know who is going to be replacing the supremely corrupt Gina McCarthy as head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

His name is Scott Pruitt and it’s hard to imagine a better pick than him.

At least a third of the articles on this site have been about President Obama’s scandal-ridden EPA and the chaos they have caused not only for the environment but for hundreds of thousands of American workers as well.

Finally, there is light at the end of that frustrating tunnel.

Here’s some background on Pruitt.

From Washington Examiner:

Pruitt has opposed EPA climate rules and the Clean Power Plan for power plants, the signature policy of the president’s agenda to combat global warming.

Pruitt is one of 28 attorneys general opposing the EPA plan in federal appeals court. The plan is being weighed by a 10-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals and is expected to go to the Supreme Court, no matter how the federal appeals court rules.

It is safe bet that his tenure at EPA would be marked by taking regulation of fracking wells out of the federal domain and placing it with the states. the EPA is currently looking to develop new methane regulations for oil and gas industry. That effort likely would be put on ice under Pruitt’s leadership.

It’s a home run pick.  No way around it.  The days of demonizing oil, gas, coal, as well as every American who feeds their families by working hard in those industries, appear to be over.

Crushing regulations.  Job killing.  Unlawful activism. Lack of accountability.  All the things we have come to hate about President Obama’s EPA appear to be on their way out.  EPA employees know it too which is likely why we saw reports that Gina’s crew was in tears when they heard the news that Donald Trump won the election.

The New York Times and liberals everywhere are in full on freak out mode over Scott Pruitt which is the strongest piece of evidence there is that this was a great decision by Trump.

Today was a good day for everyone who has been fighting against the government overreach that has become commonplace in Obama’s EPA.

Relief is on the way.