Hillary Clinton often uses the phrase “when they go low, you go high” when talking about the way her presidential campaign deals with negative attacks.  I’m still trying to figure out what exactly she is talking about because any rational person who has been watching her campaign over the past year can tell she hasn’t even tried to abide by that mantra.

In fact, Hillary has run one of the nastiest campaigns in recent memory.  One of her favorite attack lines, a line that has been wholeheartedly adopted by the mainstream media, attempts to link Donald Trump to the Ku Klux Klan.  I guess that’s going high?

For some reason, Hillary has decided to legitimize this completely irrelevant fringe group by constantly pretending that Donald Trump supports the KKK because a random Klan leader expressed support for Trump.  It’s interesting to note that a KKK leader has also endorsed Hillary but hey that’s probably too complicated for the media to report.

It’s obviously a despicable attack that Hillary launched to pretend that Donald Trump has a soft spot in his heart for a white supremacist group and obviously he has no control over some random nut job who endorses him to get attention. Here’s the absolutely insane ad that Hillary ran against Trump.

That doesn’t sound like someone who is confident about her platform and ideas.  That sounds like someone who is desperately afraid of losing and will employ whatever fear tactic is necessary to ensure a victory.

Surely President Obama wouldn’t say something like this while campaigning for Hillary right?  He would never stoop so low.  I mean he’s the “cool” guy in the room for cryin’ out loud!  He’s above all of that.

Not so much.

From Breitbart:

President Barack Obama wants people in North Carolina to vote for Hillary Clinton, so he’s warning them that Donald Trump would tolerate the support of the Klu Klux Klan if he’s elected president.

“If you accept the support of Klan sympathizers — the Klan — and hesitate when asked about that support, then you’ll tolerate that support when you’re in office,” he said.


People who are confident about their grasp on the issues don’t talk like this. Desperate politicians talk like this.

When is the last time you can remember a sitting president traveling across the country campaigning for a candidate under FBI investigation while accusing another candidate of supporting the Ku Klux Klan?  This is the first time we are witnessing such an embarrassing display of political hackery from a sitting president.

Someone needs to remind these people there are only a few thousand KKK members in a country of 350 million.  Not exactly major players.