Over the past few days, WikiLeaks emails have been revealed that provide shocking insight into the inner workings of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

We learned that the Clinton campaign was communicating with the DOJ about the details of the investigation into Hillary’s emails.

We learned that the campaign doesn’t like Catholics very much and that they were discussing the possibilities of provoking a revolution within the religion.

We learned Hillary read word for word from a piece of paper for an interview with MSNBC.

We learned that even Chelsea Clinton was worried about corruption at the Clinton Foundation.

We learned Hillary Clinton told a room full of Wall Street execs behind closed doors that she didn’t identify with the middle class, supports open trade and open borders, and basically assured them she has their best interests at heart.

We learned that that a significant amount of journalists are firmly positioned in Hillary’s corner.

And that wasn’t all.

But yet, the media completely ignored it.

Want to see something ridiculous?

Check out the homepage from New York Times, Washington Post, and NBC News today at about 4 pm Pacific Time.





Absolutely nothing about the devastating WikiLeaks emails.

We all know that the media can’t be trusted but this is an egregious display of media malpractice. ┬áNo Republican could ever get away with this kind of treatment and for these three “respected” outlets to completely ignore a huge story like this speaks volumes about the level of scrutiny that Hillary Clinton has had to face.

But hey, Donald Trump said some bad words 11 years ago.

This should be unacceptable to all Americans regardless of party.