Typically, I try not to put too much stock into anything that is said on “The View”.  Most Americans seem to agree with me on that.  At the end of last season many people thought that the show would be cancelled due to their terrible ratings.  The election season seems to be keeping them somewhat relevant but that is likely to change in about a month.

But Joy Behar said something recently that needs to be talked about.  The left has been desperately trying to convince us that Bill Clinton’s long history of sexual assault allegations is off limits while at the same time claiming that a video of Trump being rude 11 years ago and talking about inappropriate things should force him out of the race.  No proof that he did those things.  Simply words.

The same people who claim that they are the only true defenders of women are shamelessly dismissing and criticizing the several women who have accused Bill Clinton of ruining their lives.  It’s illogical and embarrassing.  You don’t have to like Donald Trump, but you would think that some things would be more important than party politics.  Apparently not, check out what Joy had to say about Bill’s accusers.

So, let’s play the game that we often play on this site.

Close your eyes and imagine how the left would react if a conservative pundit or commentator called someone who accused a prominent conservative of rape a “tramp”.

Think that would go over well? I’m thinking probably not.

It’s been startling to see how much ignorance is spreading around the internet on this subject. I constantly see people claim that Bill Clinton has never been accused of rape. A pundit on CNN called the whole situation a “conspiracy theory”.  That’s not the case.  30 seconds of research would tell you that.

Nice job Joy…

H/T The Daily Caller