Britain has a serious problem with radical Islam.  In fact, a quarter of British Muslims wish that they could be ruled by Sharia Law.  If you aren’t sure what that is, you can look it up or just take my word for it that it’s really bad for women, gays, and non-Muslims.  That’s not all, two thirds of Muslims in Britain say they wouldn’t tell the police if they knew about a terror plot.  Lovely.

So when London made the decision to elect a Muslim mayor with ties to radical Islam, I was obviously a little concerned.

Well, since taking office, Sadiq Khan has done some really fun things like make women stand in the back at one of his rallies and prevent city buses from advertising with provocatively dressed women.

Kind of a red flag…

In New York City over the weekend, a radical Islamist tried to kill people with bombs in Chelsea.  No one died thank God, but 29 people were hurt.

What did the “not a terrorist sympathizer” mayor of London have to say about it?

Get over it.

Here is Justin Holcomb with more…

From Townhall:

Sadiq Khan, London’s first Muslim mayor, has never hesitated when it comes to lecturing Americans about how they are mishandling terrorism.   At an event in New York City called “Building Progressive, Inclusive Cities,” Khan told New Yorkers that they should simply get used to Islamic terror.

Terror attacks are “part and parcel of life in a big city,” Khan told the Evening Standard just hours after multiple terror attacks in New Jersey and New York.  He mimics words that come from most of the European Union’s leaders. After multiple terror attacks in France, the French Prime Minister told his subjects that they “will have to live with terrorism.”

Get over it New Yorkers! That’s just part of the deal when you live in New York.  Every once in awhile a radical jihadist is going to try and murder you while you walk down the street.

It might be time to just admit that this guy might have a soft spot in his heart for radical Islam.