Hillary Clinton Speaks At Event At Center For American Progress
WASHINGTON, DC – MARCH 23: Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at the Center for American Progress March 23, 2015 in Washington, DC. Clinton joined a panel in discussing challenges facing urban centers in the United States. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

“McCain faces questions on age, health”.  That’s a CNN headline from October of 2008 when John McCain was running for President of the United States. The article goes on to talk about McCain’s previous bout with skin cancer and criticized McCain for not releasing more medical records thus making the obvious implication he was hiding something.  As you can probably guess, the media did the same thing to Bob Dole.

That was fair game for the liberal left.  But then, something miraculous happened.  Eight years later, when the roles were reversed, the left decided that wasn’t allowed anymore.  In 2016, if you dare mention Hillary Clinton’s health, you’re a sexist.  Yes, today it is completely off limits to even mention the coughing fits, stumbles, questionable health records, concussion, and age.   McCain was 71 when he ran.  Hillary is 68 now.

You aren’t even allowed to do it if you’re a liberal.  Andrea Mitchell and Chris Matthews brought it up and both got hammered for it by their rabid followers.

Dr. Drew Pinsky , a distinguished Pasadena, CA native and board certified physician, went through Hillary’s medical records and had some troubling things to say about them. You would think that he just accused Hillary of being an alien from outer space the way the liberals reacted. You can sort through Twitter on your own but trust me, it’s nasty.

What is going on with this world?  If you need more evidence that political correctness is taking over the planet look no further than the ridiculous cries of sexism that are being hurled around in this conversation.  Glamour actually posted a story with a headline that read, “Yes, It’s Sexist To Speculate About Hillary’s Health”.

I’m sorry, what?

Is that the world we live in now?  Where the media babies women so much and treats them with so much contempt that they won’t even allow them to be questioned about potentially serious health problems? We can’t even ask the question?  She could be perfectly fine, but when we start telling the media that they can’t even ask certain questions, then what’s the point of even having a free press?

What feminists don’t seem to understand is that they are actually hurting their cause by creating this narrative that men can be criticized for anything but women are too frail or are off limits for some reason.  How does that help women?  Hillary is running to be the leader of the free world.  She can handle herself.

“Oh, but would you say the same thing to a man?” Yes, in fact, liberals in the media HAVE done it at least twice in recent memory.  So you can put that elementary school argument to rest.

It should concern everyone when we see the liberal media complex start telling us what questions we are allowed to ask and what we aren’t.