If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, Democrats are on the wrong side of history when it comes to abortion.

Anyone who pays attention to their heated rhetoric and unwavering support for dishonest organizations like Planned Parenthood is able to piece that together.

But there are still a lot of people out there that just refuse to believe that conservatives are more in line with how the country feels about abortion than Democrats.

This week, a poll was released that proves it.

From Daily Caller:

A new Marist poll of over 1,000 American adults (sampling all adults yields more liberal results than registered voters, and significantly more liberal than likely voters) finds that while 51 percent of Americans use the term “pro-choice” to describe their abortion views, that term is misleading, because 78 percent of Americans believe in substantial restrictions to abortion.

For example, Clinton and the DNC condemn Pence’s signing an Indiana law discontinuing taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood in the Hoosier State. But the poll shows that 62 percent of all Americans — including 44 percent of Democrats — support banning taxpayer dollars from being spent on abortion. (This law was one of the reasons Pence was praised last week in Cleveland by pro-life leaders.)

The majority of Americans don’t believe in taxpayer funds for abortion.

Yet, there Democrats are trying to overturn the Hyde Amendment and do just that.

8 in 10 Americans take abortion seriously enough to believe in some kind of restriction.

Democrats fight tooth and nail to make sure there are zero restrictions.

Clearly, the Democrats are wrong on this issue.