Brexit has been something I have been writing about and following for what seems like forever and it still hasn’t set in completely that this vision that I first heard about from Nigel Farage years ago has now actually become reality.

Yesterday’s result in Britain was a victory for sovereignty and a clear departure from the socialist path that Europe has recklessly embarked on over the last several decades.

A few weeks back, President Obama traveled to Britain and made the ridiculous threat that Britain would go to the back of the line if they decided that their own sovereignty mattered to them.  They sent the clear message last night that it does and this idea that somehow the world is going to fall apart is absolutely absurd.

“Conservative” leader David Cameron, President Obama’s ping pong buddy, made the assertion that ISIS will be glad if Britain leaves the EU.  That alone should tell you what side to be on here.  If one side is making desperate claims like that, you know they don’t have much to go on.  That is how the left (and leftist sympathizers in Cameron’s case) operates, not only in America, but across the world.

The left is terrified because the EU, their precious experiment, is over.  It has been a disaster and the fact that only a few countries in Europe are financially stable should be all the evidence you need to realize that.  On social media you will see liberal hysterics about the pound trading down and major selloffs but don’t listen to all the noise.   Be smarter than that and think long term.  Of course it’s going to be hard.  Of course there will be growing pains. British sovereignty, at face value without all the noise, is critical in a world where borders are disappearing and bailouts are becoming the norm.  Britain didn’t get smaller.  It got smarter.

Of course the markets aren’t responding well.  That was a guarantee especially when you consider the fact no one thought this was going to actually happen.  So the pound is down. So what? This will be messy and it will take time, but most monumental changes do.

At the end of the day, Britain simply decided to take back control of their own country and turn away from a system where unelected officials in Brussels had more power than Parliament in some cases.

Even if the pain from this lasts for years, which is by no means a guarantee, this was still a logical and necessary decision to take back sovereignty.  If England is going to succeed or fail they at least deserve to make that decision for themselves.

Let’s not forget, England was doing a pretty good job for the hundreds of years that they were the most powerful nation in the world. These are some pretty smart people, they can figure it out.

Famed economist Stephen Moore said that socialism was the big loser in the Brexit vote last night and that is absolutely true.  The people of the U.K. saw what was going on in Europe and they saw the economic malaise and insane immigration policies so they decided they didn’t want to go that route.  There is nothing radical about that.  You are not being honest with yourself if you think this vote had nothing to do with the rejection of socialism and globalism.

We can talk all we want about the economy and about immigration but at the end of the day Brexit boils down to one simple yet powerful point.  Britain should rule Britain.  The people of the United Kingdom should pass their own laws and make their own decisions rather than be ruled by faceless bureaucrats in Brussels.  If the world wasn’t listening before, they are listening now.  Sovereignty matters.

The EU might fall apart.  It should. It was a terrible idea.  Not to mention, the future of the EU isn’t Britain’s problem.  This Stockholm Syndrome argument that Britain should have stayed in a situation the people didn’t want because leaving would cause too much disruption just doesn’t hold any water.

Ask yourself this question.  How would you feel if unelected bureaucrats in Mexico City or Ottawa were able to make decisions for Americans that overruled what Congress passed in Washington D.C.?

If that would be totally fine with you, then I can understand why you might not be happy about Brexit.

I would say that most Americans probably think that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

I’ll leave you with a quote I saw in a fantastic National Review piece by David Pryce-Jones that sums things up too perfectly not to repeat.

“England has saved herself by her exertions, and will, as I trust, save Europe by her example.” – William Pitt the Younger, 1805