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Obviously, the Orlando tragedy is something that deserves to be talked about and it still doesn’t feel real that 49 people were mercilessly gunned down by a radical Islamist who pledged his allegiance to ISIS.

The left, who never lets a good crisis go to waste, has been yelling and screaming about gun control as if the gun walked into the nightclub and pulled the trigger all by itself but everyone knew they would do that and honestly their predictable obfuscations are boring.

What really peaked my interest today was the accusation from the alleged former gay lover of the Orlando shooter who claims that the shooting was simply retaliation against the gay community that stemmed from a sexual encounter that exposed him to AIDS.

Basically, this former lover is trying to make the case that this had nothing to do with radical Islam and everything to do with a lovers quarrel gone awry.

At face value, that’s ridiculous considering the fact that the Orlando shooter (notice I’m not using this loser’s name and I hope you don’t either) pledged his allegiance to ISIS and grew up in a household with a father who sympathized with the Taliban.

I don’t care what anyone says.  If your Dad supports the Taliban and you murder 49 gay people in a nightclub while pledging your allegiance to ISIS on the phone, you’re a terrorist.  Not a disgruntled lover.  Sorry.

But I have seen many liberals on Twitter claim that this revelation by the former lover is somehow proof that we shouldn’t be talking about terrorism.

But even if we suspend disbelief and accept that the shooter was lying about his allegiance to ISIS and he only went into that nightclub to target Puerto Ricans who he felt had done him wrong like the former lover claims, so what?

That doesn’t change the fact that radical Islam has been responsible for an unspeakable amount of cold blooded murders to the point where it seemed instantly reasonable to an entire nation of people that ISIS could have been responsible for this crime.

That doesn’t change the fact that this killer clearly hated homosexuality in the sense that he hated himself for what he did and it doesn’t change the reality that a startling amount of Muslims believe that death is the appropriate punishment for being gay.

This is clearly a situation that illuminates the reality that Islam and homosexuality can not coexist.  Just look at the polls.  Over half of British Muslims think being gay should be illegal.  There are a handful of countries, entire countries, that believe gays should be killed.

That’s a problem and that’s exactly why this killer thought what he did was an acceptable response to whatever anger he had with these former lovers.  Radical Islam did that.  The gun didn’t.

Think about it.  How many gay partners broke up in the last year? How many closeted gay men had a bad experience with a secret gay relationship?  Hundreds? Thousands?  And how many of them shot up a nightclub claiming allegiance to ISIS and murdered 49 people?

Pretty sure the answer is zero.

And, let’s also not forget that this guy was clearly radicalized whether he was gay or not.

This idea that radical Islam had nothing to do with the shooting is just pure fantasy and that’s the case regardless of the killer’s personal life.

And liberals are literally trying to say the opposite.

In fact, Loretta Lynch came out and basically said we will never know what the true motive was.

Really Loretta?  We won’t?

Look harder…it’s there.