Ok, this is becoming routine; “in the wake of…” Yada yada yada. So much nuance in that very first sentence, I’m chastising the repetition of certain phrases after tragedy strikes while at the same time being careless with my lexicon, ya know, “yada yada yada”. I do this to highlight the mass confusion created by the progressive left and their highly selective use of words that denote specificity.

Case and point, the contrast between the left and their supreme leader Hussein Obama, Barack that is. By this time we are all familiar with his and his followers prohibition of the words Radical Islam, and for most normal people it puzzles us as to why, considering the proportion of mass murder and the commonalities they share as of the past 15 years.

So then why is it so easy for the left to call a crime a ‘Hate crime’ as opposed to simply a crime, specifically when dealing with assault and murder. Does not every act of violence stem from or require a certain amount of hate to begin with? So we can’t call a terrorist a follower of Radical Islam, but we can peer inside the human mind with our special telekinetic powers? “Deanna Troi to the bridge please, the captain needs you at once”.

Lastly, if a crime needs a word such as hate to denote its uniqueness, does that not Imply that there also exists an opposite term, such as a ‘love crime’ or ‘fondness crime’? This whole thing is absolutely ridiculous, the left should start worrying about the words that matter and when they matter, because it seems once again their intellectual priorities are completely out of whack.

As a general rule of thumb, words do matter, but what also matters is a consistency in the way in which we choose and deliver those words, because as it stands now, I feel we have this whole thing backwards. Thoughts and prayers to all affected by this massacre, specifically the LGBT community in which I myself worked at an LGBT nightclub in Las Vegas for many years. Let’s hope come November we can begin to steer the boat in the right direction. 1