Corbett Inauguration
Fracking opponents protest before the Tom Corbett inauguration to become the 46th governor of Pennsylvania at the state capitol in Harrisburg, Pa., Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2011. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Fracking has increasingly been targeted by this administration as something that is hurting the planet and needs to be stopped immediately to prevent poisoning drinking water and causing earthquakes.

Never mind the fact that both of those fears have been completely debunked and the EPA has even admitted that fracking doesn’t poison drinking water.  However, the agency has done nothing to stop liberal outlets from spreading this misinformation.

Also, since when are we supposed to trust the Obama administration on drinking water after the Flint fiasco they hid from the public for almost a year?

According to a recent EIA report, fracking played a direct an important role in lowering CO2 levels in the atmosphere thanks to the decrease in coal dependence that stemmed from the fracking boom.

From The Daily Caller:

The EIA report attributes falling CO2 emissions to “decreased use of coal and the increased use of natural gas for electricity generation.” Natural gas emits about half the CO2 of coal power and is already cheaper than coal in many locations due to fracking. The EIA estimates that roughly 68 percent of the falling CO2 emissions are due to the switch from coal to natural gas.

Fracking, not government green policies, has caused CO2 emissions to drop sharply in 47 states and Washington, D.C., according to both Scientific American and other studies by the EIA.

Fracking cut more CO2 emissions than solar or wind power, according to a study published last November by the Manhattan Institute.

This is just another example of how the liberal left has completely failed to properly educate the public on fracking and has instead decided to try and hold back one of this country’s most vibrant economic booms over nothing more than ideology.

That reality was clearly established when the EPA said fracking was safe but liberals in New York banned it anyway and pretended they were protecting the public.  Turns out the only thing they were saving the public from was more good paying jobs.

You have to start to really question what the bigger picture is here when the left is making up stats, fiddling with data, and banning things that are safe in the name of a movement that can’t really even be defined.

Could there perhaps be a financial incentive here?

You bet.