If you haven’t figured it out by now, the EPA breaks the law and bungles simple tasks like it’s going out of style.

You name the mistake and they’ve done it.

Fraud. Corruption. Perjury. Extortion. Coercion. Deceit.

Those may sound like things you would see from the mafia but that’s just another day at the office for President Obama’s EPA.

Their greatest blunder in the long list of missteps was when they dumped millions of gallons of toxic waste into a Colorado river thanks to nothing more than sheer incompetence.

Thousands of people depended on that river including the Navajo Nation which is one of the largest Indian reservations in the country.

Here is what one of the leaders of the Navajo Nation had to say about how the EPA has handled the job of cleaning up the mess they made.

From CNS News:

“EPA has not lived up to its word,” Begaye said in a video posted on theArizona Republic website. “ It’s been empty promise after empty promise.”

“We’ve had numerous meetings where promises were made and none of it EPA has lived up to,” Begaye said.

The Navajo-Hopi Observer reported on Tuesday that the Navajo Nation has requested more than $2 million in reimbursements. The EPA has offered $157,000, which totals less than 8 percent of expenses incurred, according to Begaye’s office.

The amount was offered as a grant and not recognized as reimbursement, the news outlet reported.



The EPA forces their way into a mine, spills millions of gallons of toxic waste into the water, poisons the drinking water for one of the largest Indian reservations in the country, and then won’t pick up the tab.

Clearly, the EPA is out of control and this administration has not only failed to stop it but has basically doubled down in letting this rogue agency do whatever it wants.

The list of reasons why big government is detrimental to the well being of the American people is miles long but the EPA should be at the top of everyone’s list.