Much like the coach who tells each successive team they’re the best he has ever coached, or that each successive game is the most important of the season, members of the ‘Never Trump’ coalition such as renown Superbeet hustler Dana Loesch, are running out of states to ascribe impending doom, often in a delivery similar to, “it all comes down to what happens in [insert one of 50 states]” as if to hope that one of these many assertions may in fact gain legs. The interesting part? Nobody will ever be able to call out the Dana Loeschs’ on their b.s. because presidential election history tells us that there is in fact always one state that ends up being the turning point.

The problem is that members of the “Never Trump” clan have continuously come out and said that, whatever upcoming state primary is next, is the one they see as the true litmus test on the staying power of a Donald Trump. First it was Wisconsin, then it was Ohio, then it was Texas, each time GOP Trump detractors proclaiming the demise of his campaign. Now we’re almost out of states, so of course Loesch and her peers are now announcing the monumental importance of California, and how it will in fact dictate the direction of the primary race.

I for one, am exhausted at the claims of impending doom, that ultimately end up being nothing more than a win , or 2nd place showing for Trump. Point being: like the boy who cried wolf, someone tell these people that each time they proclaim the imminent implosion of a candidate, and it doesn’t happen; people start to tune you out. But folks, make no mistake, even a broken clock is right twice a day, and when these people finally pick the state that turns out to be pivotal, sit back and watch the rat race of mass hysteria, that is people looking to claim they “called it” or “knew it all along”.

Can everyone just accept the fact that the path of this race has no rhyme or reason, and no one person is going to all of a sudden turn into Nostradamus and start calling out what will and wont be. Vince Vaughn said it best to his buddy Owen Wilson in the movie ‘Wedding Crashers’, “YOU’RE PROJECTING!”, “I’M NOT PROJECTING YOU’RE PROJECTING”. Alert Alert! Dana can you please knock it off, you have less political insight than you do charisma in an infomercial. Now that’s saying something.