Hillary Clinton has produced some really strange clips and sound bites over the years and until today I really didn’t think she could top her infamous “I’m a real person” outburst.

But I think I was wrong (first time for everything) because today she posted a video on Facebook that was quickly deleted and for good reason.  Check it out.

Excuse me?

Hillary looking more like Amy Poehler’s character from “Mean Girls” than a candidate for president.  “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom!”

About that whole “real person” thing.  There is nothing real about this video and Hillary looks like she had thirteen cups of coffee before putting on this little scene.  What was that little bow in the beginning all about?

Just too strange.

Hillary isn’t exactly looking calm and collected as the Democrats get closer and closer to their convention.

Luckily she isn’t running against any serious candidates so the nomination will probably be hers regardless.