Bill Clinton has largely been criticized by the media during this election cycle for saying things that don’t exactly help Hillary and to be honest it doesn’t seem like a smart decision for him to be out there at all reminding everyone about Hillary’s checkered past as an insider.

But he said two things on the trail yesterday that are important.

First, he pointed out that the world is coming apart under President Obama.

That’s weird.  Seems like Hillary is doubling down on the policies that have contributed to that.  You’ll remember that this isn’t the first time Bill has made a statement like this.  It’s like he simply can’t help himself from criticizing the awful job Obama has done.

He was also interrupted by a frenzied mob of Black Lives Matter lunatics and instead of getting flustered like Hillary and Bernie he actually had a pretty sharp response.

Was he generalizing? Sure.  But his point that tightening up criminal sentencing isn’t inherently racist is a good one and clearly the black community is hurt by leaving more criminals on the streets.

Obviously the stats don’t support the BLM movement in terms of how many blacks are killed compared to whites and it’s nice to see someone on the left actually push back instead of pander or run away.

This is classic Bill though.  Say what you want about him, he is fairly honest when he isn’t testifying under oath.  People like him.  Have you ever seen a more politically opposite couple in that regard?  Hillary is the most phony candidate in recent history and she’s married to one of the slickest most well liked politicians we have ever seen.

Interesting day on the trail for Democrats.