President Obama’s out of control EPA has engaged in plenty of nefarious actions against the American people so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that they are continuing to find new and exciting ways to negatively affect the lives of citizens across the country.

The latest in the long list of examples comes from Washington State where the embattled agency broke the rules of a grant by funding two billboards that attacked local farmers in the area.

From The Daily Caller:

Federal lawmakers are furious with the Environmental Protection Agency for funding billboards that accuse  farmers in Washington state of polluting local waterways.

A coalition of environmental groups and an American Indian tribe used EPA funds to put up two billboards as part of a campaign to link water pollution to agricultural activities. Capital Press recently reported the billboards likely violated the terms of the grant given to activists by EPA. The agency’s funding of environmentalists’ anti-farming campaign could also amount to lobbying, according to the paper.

“This disturbing billboard is a bold example of exactly what America’s farmers and ranchers complain about all the time: the EPA has an agenda antagonistic to producers,” Kansas Republican Sen. Pat Roberts said in a statement. Roberts is the chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry.

An EPA policy adviser noted the billboards likely violated the terms of the federal grant given to activists because they don’t disclose they were funded with federal dollars, according to Capital Press

Once again, the EPA has demonstrated they don’t care about what the rules are.

And once again, President Obama does nothing.