While there is certainly nothing wrong with party loyalty, Rand Paul surprised a lot of people when he came out recently and said he would support Trump as the nominee.

From Hot Air:

You can add Rand Paul to the list of Republicans who say they’ll support Donald Trump if he ends up being the GOP nominee. Paul made his pledge on Friday during a stop in Northern Kentucky. Via Cincinnati Enquirer:

Paul, during a visit to Northern Kentucky Friday morning, said he will support whoever is the Republican nominee, even if it’s Donald Trump. He said it’s better than supporting Democrat Hillary Clinton.

A little strange considering that outside of Jeb Bush there wasn’t a candidate who went after Trump as strongly as Rand.

If I remember correctly, Rand attacked Trump in his opening statement in one of the debates.

Kind of reminds you of how Ben Carson endorsed Trump after Donald basically accused him of being mentally insane.  Makes you wonder if these guys are just playing one big game here.

But at the same time you can’t really argue with Rand’s reasoning that Trump is infinitely better than Hillary.