Remember President Obama’s recent Latin America trip where he got to do all kinds of cool stuff like do the wave with a communist dictator and ballroom dance with a playboy model while the rest of the world mourned over the terrorist attack in Belgium?

Well, not only was it a blast but apparently the Argentina portion cost taxpayers a nice chunk of change too.

From Free Beacon:

President Barack Obama’s two-day visit to Argentina, where he tangoed and downplayed the differences between capitalism and communism, cost taxpayers nearly $1.4 million.

Lodging for the president and White House staff totaled $115,588, while conference rooms cost $35,584. Another contract for hotel rooms cost $31,585.

U.S. Secret Service costs associated with the trip included $120,782 for hotel rooms at the Hyatt Park in Buenos Aires and $707,801 for transportation.

Use of Marine One, the presidential helicopter, during Obama’s trip cost $44,611. Other transportation costs included contracts worth $68,597, $23,304, $4,789, $8,212, and $24,955.

Transportation costs for journalists traveling with the president as part of the White House Correspondents Association totaled $141,794.

Finally, a contract signed March 9 for “repair and maintenance for pool bathrooms” for the president’s visit to Argentina cost $50,218.

Pretty sweet trip!

Meanwhile, the country is almost $20 trillion in debt.

But that’s the next president’s problem now.