There were many people sounding the alarm about the problems Belgium would face from letting in thousands of immigrants with no vetting process and then not encouraging them to assimilate over the last few years.

One of those people was Donald Trump and not only was he largely ignored, the New York Times mocked him for suggesting that something was going on after an interview in January.

Here is what Trump had to say earlier this year.

Then, the New York Times ran an article with the title “Donald Trump Finds New Way To Insult Brussels”.

Wonder how the New York Times feels about that headline today?

The fact is that Donald Trump was right to be concerned about what was going on in Belgium and¬†although he didn’t directly predict this attack, he was on the right track and the NYT’s response was extremely irresponsible.

Belgium and France have produced the largest amount of foreign fighters from Europe that have migrated to Syria to fight for ISIS and a huge reason for that is the “no go zones” that Trump touched on.

The Mollenbeek neighborhood in Brussels, where this plan was likely hatched, is one of many zones in Europe that the government has completely ceded to the Muslim community. ¬†Police don’t even patrol them anymore and Muslims are instead given the ability to self police and self govern in accordance with Sharia law.

The reality is that there are many of these zones all across Europe and there is no doubt they contribute to the radicalization of disenfranchised Muslims.

The New York Times should be ashamed of itself and all those people out there who are so sure they are smarter than Donald Trump might want to take another look in the mirror.

H/T Conservative Treehouse