2016 has been well established as the year of the outsider as far as presidential politics goes.  The GOP is in chaos as Donald Trump has managed to rewrite every rule in the book of politics. On the left, Washington insider Hillary Clinton is having trouble fending off a 74-year-old socialist who many believe, incorrectly, is an outsider.

If there is one thing that the American people have made abundantly clear, it’s that Washington is out of touch.

As the country continues down this reckless path the national debt is rapidly approaching $20 trillion.  An absurd figure that will take a lifetime to pay down.

Despite this troubling figure, guess what House Democrats are fighting for on Capitol Hill right now?

Giving federal employees a pay raise.

From The Daily Caller:

Five congressional Democrats are pushing a 5.3 percent pay raise for federal employees who are already making considerably more every year than most individual Americans.

The average individual federal employee salary in 2014 was $84,154, according to data compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis and analyzed by Chris Edwards of the Cato Institute. The average federal employee also receives $35,781 in benefits.

$20 trillion in debt and this is what the Democrats are spending their time on.

Can you imagine if Democrats looked out for the private sector even half as much as they look out for government workers?

The economic climate would be vastly different.