The immigration debate tends to be one of those issues where people are only concerned about it when it has real consequences in their everyday lives that they can see and feel.

If you work in an industry that isn’t threatened by the possibility of lower wages from cheap unskilled labor or if you live in a community where resources aren’t heavily allocated to illegal aliens then maybe the issue isn’t as pressing in your mind.

But for many people across this country, like the family of Kate Steinle, illegal immigration has devastating life altering consequences. And as a result of that, President Obama’s push to let criminal illegal aliens out of jail and back onto the streets is causing massive outrage.  For good reason.

From Washington Examiner:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has revealed that 124 illegal immigrant criminals released from jail by the Obama administration since 2010 have been subsequently charged with murder.

A Center for Immigration Studies report on the data from ICE to the Senate Judiciary Committee added that the committee is not releasing the names of the murder suspects.

What’s more, her report said that in 2014, ICE released 30,558 criminal aliens who had been convicted of 92,347 crimes. Only 3 percent have been deported.

When it was all said and done, illegal aliens were charged with 138 homicide related crimes since 2010.

Think about that.  138 American lives lost. 138 American families losing a loved one.

All because the Obama administration doesn’t take this issue seriously.

Lenient prisoner release policies combined with sanctuary city laws are directly responsible for what happened to these Americans and fair minded citizens everywhere should hold Democrats responsible every time they head to the polling place.