Bernie Sanders, who has no realistic path to the Democratic nomination at this point, has based his campaign on the idea that he is an outsider despite being in Washington for over 20 years.

One of the ways he goes about doing that is by saying he doesn’t accept money from billionaires or super PACs.

In reality, over the course of his career and during this campaign he has done both.

It has already been reported that Bernie has taken money from super PACs and now we are learning that Sanders takes money from the billionaires he claims he doesn’t like.

From Townhall:

But according to a new report, the dessert duo are providing pennies compared to the other millionaires and billionaires Bernie is taking money from. That’s right, Bernie is taking money from billionaires, the very same people he publicly and regularly vilifies as the number one problem in America.

While Bernie Sanders has pitched himself as the presidential candidate for the little guy — tapping into the wallets of voters angry over Wall Street’s influence in politics — a deeper dive shows Sanders has enlisted an arsenal of millionaire and billionaire backers who have backed his political career since his early Senate runs a decade ago.

That big-money support stands in sharp contrast to Sanders’ calls for corporate fat-cats and the uber-wealthy to pay their “fair share” in taxes by closing loopholes and removing breaks that benefit the mega-rich.

Sanders may not have a Super PAC, but he certainly has big money backers.

The dessert duo is of course a reference to ice cream makers Ben and Jerry who are wealthy donors to Bernie’s campaign.

Bernie is no different than any other politician, which isn’t a bad thing in this case.  There is nothing wrong with taking money from wealthy people but there is a big problem with saying you don’t do it and then turning around and taking it.

Clearly, Hillary is far more guilty of cozying up to the rich and to special interests but this idea that Bernie is somehow immune to that is just nonsense.