Donald Trump has tapped into a nerve in this country and has his finger on the pulse of a group of Americans that feel betrayed by their government and by the Republican Party.

That’s a legitimate complaint and there are many reasons to like Donald Trump and be impressed with his meteoric rise to the top of the polls but honesty, unfortunately, is not one of them.

This fact was reiterated when Donald was called out on his claims that his failed university received an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and he even tried to pass a piece of paper to the moderators in the middle of the Fox debate which implied his business currently had that rating.

It wasn’t true.  Here is Megyn Kelly breaking it down.

Trump supporters will of course claim that Megyn Kelly has it out for him but there really isn’t much room for Megyn to inject her personal opinion here.

The bottom line is that Trump University didn’t work out.  It remains to be determined whether or not those at the center of the lawsuits have a legitimate gripe against Trump and we won’t speculate about that here but clearly Trump was not being honest when he claimed Trump University had an A rating from the BBB.

He is also not telling the truth about whether or not they are out of business.

It’s not my prerogative to needlessly slam Donald Trump, but when he isn’t telling the truth it needs to be talked about and he clearly is not being honest about Trump University.