One of the most overlooked areas of corruption under President Obama has been the egregious and likely illegal actions taken by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under his watch.

SmallGovReport has covered the laundry list of problems very thoroughly so we don’t need to re-hash them all here but the list ranges from credit card corruption, to taxpayer waste, to the disastrous toxic spill in Colorado, all the way to accusations of perjury.

It’s a disaster.

But what many people probably don’t realize is that the excessive regulations being pushed by this EPA are not only causing Americans to lose their jobs at a frightening pace but they are also making products and services cost more, which clearly isn’t helping everyday Americans navigate through this anemic economy.

For example, most Americans find themselves in the market for a new car at one point or another.  Most people probably don’t think about government regulations when they go through that process but the reality of the situation is that agencies like the EPA play a big role in this area.

From The Daily Caller:

A recent report by the conservative Heritage Foundation confirms what economists predicted for years: top-down regulations on fuel economy have only made buying a new car more expensive and hurt the auto industry.

“Federal regulations that force ever-increasing automobile fuel economy standards cost consumers thousands of dollars more than what they save on using less gas,” Heritage economists David Kreutzer and Salim Furth wrote of their study on fuel economy mandates.

“Vehicle prices, adjusted for quality, had been falling from the 1990s to 2008,” according to the Heritage study. “Since 2009, the price of the average car has risen to $6,200 above the previous trend.”

Obama has imposed stricter fuel economy and emissions standards for both light- and heavy-duty vehicles in the past few years. The Obama administration now requires cars made in 2025 get 54.5 miles to the gallon.

Of course the argument from the left is that this will maybe save imaginary money long term and will be good for the environment.

That’s all well and good but at a certain point we have to ask ourselves whether or not drastically affecting the amount of money it costs a family to buy a car is worth making microscopic strides against an enemy that we don’t even all agree is a serious threat.

There is nothing wrong with protecting the environment and we should obviously do everything we can to lower our carbon footprint where we can but the left has failed miserably to understand and address the real world consequences many Americans have faced thanks to these burdensome regulations like paying more at the pump, at the car dealership, and sometimes even losing their livelihoods.

Forcing car companies to increase fuel efficiency might sound fun but these actions don’t exist in a vacuum and every tax and every regulation levied by the government is passed on to the consumer in one way or another.  It would be nice if liberals were a little more honest about that while they are shaming the rest of us for our evil gas guzzling ways.