Want to hear something crazy?

Obamacare is still a total disaster.

Weird right? Considering how this administration still talks about it like a momentous achievement.

Here’s the latest example of President Obama’s health care nightmare.

From Free Beacon

Under the Affordable Care Act, deductibles are increasing in 41 states, with some deductibles increasing by more than $1,000, according to Freedom Partners 2016 Obamacare deductible increase tracker.

While some states are already facing high deductibles of $3,000 or more, the tracker finds that deductibles increased by $265 or 8.4 percent on average, with some state deductible increases rising as high as $1,395.

There were 41 states that saw their deductibles increase in 2016, and 17 of those saw double-digit percent increases. The states that saw the highest percent increases were Mississippi with 39 percent, Washington with 31 percent, South Carolina with 26 percent, Louisiana with 24 percent, Florida with 23 percent, Minnesota and Vermont with 22 percent, Arizona with 21 percent, and North Carolina with 20 percent.

Deductibles up drastically in 41 states.

Hardly something that this administration can brag about especially when you consider the other horror stories that have gone along with this legislation.

Millions of policy cancellations, bankrupt state exchanges, and incompetence galore have already been established as major reasons to criticize the Affordable Care Act and now we can add exploding deductibles to the list.

And if that wasn’t enough, Obamacare spending is scheduled to explode in 2017 just as President Obama leaves office.

Fun stuff right?