Say what you want about Vice-President Joe Biden.

He says what’s on his mind and if you are familiar with the recent success of a guy named Donald Trump you know that people are into that sort of thing.

He sat down for an interview with Politico and his answers about how the middle class has fared under President Obama were startlingly honest.

From Politico:

Q: You said yesterday, the middle class is still getting crushed.

A: Yes.

Q: Donald Trump supporters, Bernie Sanders supporters, are reflecting, the polls tell us, a lot of middle-class anxiety in this country. How much of that is your fault?

A: It’s legitimate criticism. But it begs the question, because of the dysfunction in Congress. If you take a look at what we proposed in those four years, if we had done what we proposed, I believe the middle class would be back again. So it’s not that we didn’t focus on it. We just couldn’t get it done. We didn’t have the votes to get it done. And one of the things that bothers me the most about where we are now is that it really is a poisonous environment, politically. I don’t know how we make progress without being able to generate some consensus. And I don’t know how we do that unless we change the tone. You could say, that’s easy for you to say, Joe, but you’re not running. Well, I think somebody’s got to start, and I think the public will respond to a change in the tone. You know, I got in trouble – I wasn’t talking about Hillary when I said Republicans aren’t my enemy. I forgot she had said it in the debate. But that attitude is pretty widespread. How the hell do we function if they look at us as the enemy and we look at them as the enemy?

Obviously Biden did his best to blame Congress as if President Obama is the first person to ever preside over a fractured government but to bluntly admit that the middle class is getting hammered after 7 years of Obama is significant.

But the first part of his second answer says it all. “It’s a legitimate criticism.”

THANK YOU!  Where has that been the last several years?

We can debate all we want about who to blame for the current economic struggles but the bottom line is that President Obama is in charge.  It is his job to manage Congress, his job to make convincing arguments to the American people, and his job to lead.

That didn’t happen.  In fact, President Obama failed miserably to make his case to the American people and his party suffered two devastating midterm election losses because of it.

There are some things you can’t just explain away as some other guy’s fault.  The lowest labor participation rate in almost 40 years, welfare at an all time high, and the middle class getting crushed (see Joe Biden’s comment above) are some of those things.