Milo Yiannopoulis is hilarious and extremely smart writer for Breitbart who is currently on a speaking tour across the country and as you can imagine it is driving liberals nuts.

His recent stop at Rutgers University provided a perfect opportunity for left-wing millennials to prove how tolerant and open minded they are.

From Campus Reform:

Student protesters, reportedly from the group RU Speak Out and other organizations, stood up in the middle of Milo’s speech after one protester screamed, “This man represents hatred!” and then started smearing fake blood all over themselves.

They started chanting, “Black lives matter,” prompting Yiannopoulis’ supporters to reply with a “Trump” chant. Similar shouting matches recurred periodically throughout the speech.

One student took a video of some of the protesters screaming, shaking their fists, and giving everyone the middle finger as they left the room, culminating with one of the last protesters to leave shoving her hand into the camera.

When Yiannopoulis told attendees at one point that we can all agree with Martin Luther King, angry protesters started yelling, “Milo doesn’t have the right to speak of MLK.”

After allowing them to chant for a little while, Yiannopoulis continued, explaining, “What I was saying is that we can agree that we should judge people on the content of their character, not their skin color.”

“I never knew people at Rutgers could be this disgusting,”one student remarked on Twitter in response to the event. “People that I have class with and share a campus with, hate me and my skin.”

Parts one and two of Yiannopoulis’ speech can be found here and here.

Really great people huh?

Yiannopoulis, a gay man, has done a fantastic job of illuminating the reality that the left has no interest in accepting others unless their ideologies are perfectly in line.

Here’s a video of the lovely protesters.