As if you needed more evidence that the federal government can’t manage anything the way the private sector can, we are learning that the feds just blew through $75 million of taxpayer money due to incompetence that is almost too inept to comprehend.

From The Daily Caller:

General Services Administration (GSA) officials designed a $75 million federal law enforcement facility so unsuited to what the intended occupants needed that they couldn’t use the building when it was completed, according to the Government Accountability Office.

GSA, already notorious for wasteful spending on conferences and employee videos, didn’t talk to the Federal Protective Service (FPS) during design phase of the more than 180,000 square foot building, the congressional watchdog agency said in a report made public Tuesday.

“As a result, FPS said that no law enforcement agencies were able to use the facility and that GSA invested resources for a facility that is not suitable for its intended tenants,” GAO said.

Officials at GSA thought the new facility was for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ district headquarters so they consulted with the FPS on perimeter security. But GAO said GSA’s failure to coordinate with FPS before constructing a nearly $75 million building is evidence of a serious lack of communications between two agencies according to GAO.

The failure to communicate is particularly striking since the FPS was for many years part of GSA, which is the federal government’s chief housekeeping agency for the more than 8,900 federal properties across the country.

FPS and GSA are working together “informally,” GAO said, but they have yet to agree on a fix for their communication problem.

Is there a more frustrating job in America than working for the Government Accountability Office?

If there is one spending increase I can get behind it would be funneling more money to those guys.

Can you imagine any public company that had an accountable president or CEO failing to even get the basic plans of a building right and then building it anyway?

Companies that do that go out of business immediately.

But not the government. No, no.

They wipe their hands clean and move on to the next one.

While the taxpayers are left holding the bag.