Remember when the EPA dumped millions of gallons of toxic waste into a Colorado river?

The thousands of people who had their drinking water contaminated sure do.

Not only did the EPA try and skirt responsibility for the mess, now it appears that they are doing everything they can to hinder the investigation into what happened.

From The Daily Caller:

Lawmakers are concerned the Environmental Protection Agency is trying to derail an internal investigation into the agency’s handling of a massive mine wastewater spill in Colorado caused by federal workers just months ago.

Republican chairmen of two key House committees sent a letter to EPA highlighting their concerns agency officials are trying to undermine an investigation by the inspector general’s office in the wake of a recent agency document weaving a “new narrative” about the Gold King Mine blowout in August.

About two weeks ago, the EPA released a document it says is intended to “clarify any misunderstandings about the incident.” The document was based on interviews the agency conducted with two on-scene coordinators “closely associated” with the Gold King Mine blowout in August.

Bishop and Gohmert, however, say the document meant to “clarify” what happened at the mine have only served to obfuscate an internal agency review of the mine blowout being conducted by the inspector general’s office.

“The timing of the interview calls into question the EPA’s respect for the OIG’s ongoing investigation and commitment to ensuring the integrity of witness testimony,” wrote Bishop and Gohmert. “As you know, the EPA’s own guidance states that ‘managers should not question staff about their interactions with the OIG.’”

We already know the EPA is one of the most corrupt government agencies in recent memory, there is no denying that at this point.

It makes perfect sense they are doing whatever they can to cover up this debacle that they are 100% responsible for.

People need to wake up and understand that the EPA is not just some pedestrian example of big government, they are breaking the law. A lot.