The Donald Trump saga has provided plenty of story lines and plenty of things to talk about while also whipping the media into an absolute frenzy.

Donald Trump is quite possibly the most polarizing candidate in modern political history and his large base of support from Republicans brings along with it an intense dislike from those on the left.

Love him or hate him, he isn’t going away anytime soon.

Democrats have been hooting and hollering about what a bad guy Trump is and how his rhetoric is dangerous and inappropriate.

But yet, when describing Trump and his supporters, those on the left completely fail to check their own rhetoric and in many cases have ended up saying things far worse than Trump.

Here is what former Nightline anchor Ted Koppel had to say on Meet The Press about Trump this weekend.

So here we have Ted Koppel, a man who many considered as an objective reporter, essentially saying that Trump is actually helping a radical terrorist organization.

This is nothing new.  It is impossible to log onto Facebook without seeing imagery comparing Trump to Hitler or nasty remarks about how his supporters are actually helping ISIS.

All because Trump committed the crime of saying words that liberals don’t like.

We are better than this.  Or at least we should be.  It’s one thing to not like Trump, it is a completely different thing to make ridiculous assertions that he is similar to Hitler and is somehow siding with the greatest evil that currently exists on this planet.

If Democrats are tired of heated political rhetoric, they should take a look in the mirror.