Martin O’Malley is running for president.

That might seem strange considering the majority of everyday Americans have never heard his name before and the ones that have only know him as the guy that ruined the city of Baltimore and then the state of Maryland.

His abysmal record of failure is one thing, but the statement he made on Friday takes things to a different level of incompetence.

From Breitbart:

“We need each other, and we particularly need our American Muslim neighbors. I know that there have been many acts of violence. I know that there are acts of ignorance that have been encouraged by some in our political discourse, but the larger arc of our history—as I was listening to the imam—there’s a larger arc of love and generosity and respect for one another. And so I know that our young people understand that the tragic murders that took place in San Bernardino does not define Islam anymore than that horrible murder that took place in Charleston defines Christianity.”

So here’s the thing.

Yes, radical Islam does not speak for the entire religion.

But that isn’t what O’Malley said.

Martin, for some nonsensical reason, felt compelled to essentially equate the two tragedies and pretend that the motive of the Charleston shooting had something to do with Christianity.

It didn’t.  It had everything to do with racism.

Martin O’Malley is literally making up his own version of history in order to pander to this backwards idea that radical Islam has nothing to do with Islam.

Taking a page from President Obama’s “the Islamic State isn’t Islamic” routine.

No rational person can argue that the motive of Dylan Roof was even remotely the same as the motive in San Bernardino.

And even if it was, Christian terrorism is almost completely nonexistent in America today.

But yet, there’s O’Malley, refusing to address the real cause of San Bernardino while speaking to a group of people that would serve as the perfect audience to articulate this important nuance.

The Democrats are lost on many issues that the people are focusing on in 2016 but national security and terrorism appear to be the most egregious examples.