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If you are at all like me, your day was full of news articles and conversations with friends about Donald Trump’s statements about Muslims entering the United States.

Most people gathered that Donald Trump wants to ban Muslims from the United States, which isn’t exactly what he said and we can argue about the bigotry of Trump all night long but the reality of this situation is that Trump won.

Every time Trump says things like this, Trump wins.

Which is why he continues to do it.  Today, the entire news cycle was focused on him.  Love him or hate him, he has the camera.  Anything that Marco Rubio or Hillary Clinton did today was completely lost.  And in many regards, that’s a win for Trump.

People that hate Trump aren’t going to vote for him anyway and he doesn’t even really care about that.  He has said outlandish things like this since Day 1 of his campaign and it hasn’t mattered.

Megyn Kelly articulately laid out exactly how much control Donald Trump has over the media and it’s really astounding.

If you were one of those people posting a sarcastic meme about what a racist Trump is or got caught up in a conversation with your coworkers about how much better you are than the real estate mogul, just remember that every time you mention his name.  He wins.

Personally, I have never been bothered by a single thing he said because it is so amazingly clear that he is playing a game and doesn’t mean half of the things he claims. And even if he does, so what? His ideas don’t even come close to the level of absurdity that is spewed from the left on a daily basis. 

It’s pretty simple. Stop tuning in if you want him to go away.

The reality is that Trump is a valuable commodity that everyone wants to see, and as the polls prove, that is a recipe for a very successful campaign.