Today, while most of us were mourning the tragic loss of life in Southern California, Chuck Todd was on MSNBC telling everyone about one of the gravest threats that has ever faced our nation.

Radical Islam?

No, no.


The terrified manner in which Chuck Todd demanded we “not even go there” when it comes to radical Islam perfectly sums up the way the self fulfilling prophecy of Islamophobia works.

The more the left over-exaggerates and basically manufactures the fear of Muslims, the more it becomes a thought in people’s minds.

All we ever hear from Democrats is that Republicans believe all Muslims are terrorists.

It’s nonsense of course and the overwhelming majority of people in both parties knows those are two separate things.

But, it’s the Democrats who fuel this incorrect notion because of displays like Chuck’s.  They are the only ones talking about Islamophobia.  They bring it up and they spread the narrative and pretend that Muslims across America need to lock themselves in their bathrooms because Republicans are on the prowl for someone to blame for this tragedy.

In reality, Republicans know full well that we are fighting a radical element of Islam and Democrats are the ones who tie everyone’s hands behind their backs by failing to make that distinction.

Chuck Todd and his fellow leftists don’t realize they are actually doing a disservice to the Muslim community by refusing to associate terrorists with radical Islam and instead using literary gymnastics to try and make everyone feel good.

We have already learned that the San Bernardino killers tipped off a neighbor due to their nefarious activity days before the shooting but the neighbor was too scared to call the cops because, you guessed it, they didn’t want to be accused of racism.

Thanks Islamophobia!

If people like Barack Obama made the distinction between radical Islam and Islam rather than claim they have nothing to do with each other and if Chuck Todd stopped pretending that Islamophobia is just as dangerous as terrorism, maybe we could actually move the conversation forward.