There is a really strange rumor going around that the Democrats are the party of cool.  For some reason devoid of any facts, analysis, or political acumen, the “progressive” movement has become synonymous with innovation and thinking ahead.  While the Democrats might be more skilled at tweeting out mean attacks, taking selfies with celebrity sex tape stars, and hanging out with Jay-Z, one thing they are definitely not familiar with is innovation and cutting edge businesses.

Take the ride sharing service Uber for example.

Virtually every American in their twenties and thirties that has the slightest propensity to pursue a social life uses Uber at least once a week.  The service has completely revolutionized the taxi industry and for the first time, users have the ability to easily call for a ride using their cell phone and the driver’s success strongly depends on the customer service he or she provides to the rider.

Uber drivers love the idea too.  Drivers are independent contractors who aren’t shackled by the burdensome regulations of taxi unions, don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to purchase taxi medallions, and can work flexible hours and be rewarded for their good work.

All of these factors didn’t exist in the taxi industry before Uber came along.  It seems like everyone could agree that competition in this transportation space is a good thing, right?

Wrong. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have both gone on record saying they don’t understand Uber.

Their argument is that government hasn’t been able to fully sink its teeth into the neck of the wildly successful company and well, that’s not fair to the unions that Democrats are beholden to.

The biggest problem with Bernie’s position specifically is that he uses Uber ALL THE TIME.

From The Daily Caller:

Just a couple months ago, Bernie Sanders lambasted Uber as an “unregulated” company with “serious problems,” but financial disclosures by the Democratic presidential candidate reveal that whenever his campaign requires a taxi, they literally always turn to Uber.

According to research done by National Journal, 100 percent of Sanders’ spending on taxi and ride-sharing services was spent on Uber. Among 2016 presidential contenders, that’s a distinction Sanders shares with only Bobby Jindal, Martin O’Malley, and the defunct Scott Walker and Rick Perry campaigns.

Bernie Sanders 2016: Do As I Say Not As I Do

Hell of a campaign slogan.

The reality of this situation is that Bernie Sanders is a walking contradiction.  In so many ways.

The frazzled 74-year-old senator from Vermont has convinced impressionable millennials everywhere that he is the true outsider candidate of the race.  Yet, he has been in Washington for 25 years, voting to fund wars, and championing meaningless causes while failing to inspire any legislative traction.

Sanders claims to be tough on gun-control, but yet owes his entire political existence to the NRA.

Bernie also pretends to be the one who will clean up corruption in Washington.  However, his incredibly unwise decision to roll over to Hillary in the first Democratic debate says the opposite.  Any hope he had of beating her literally evaporated before our eyes in that instant and you could tell that was the case by the frightening cackle she let out immediately after he let her off the hook for her email scandal. She knew right then she had defeated the only remaining challenger that President Obama’s devastating presidency has left the Democratic party to pick up the pieces with.

Yeah Bernie. Might not be “great politics” to laugh and dismiss an open FBI investigation into criminal misconduct and then turn around and say you are going to clean up Washington. And again, you’re from Washington.

The Democratic party is not cool and they can’t even understand things like Uber which by every single metric is inherently cool.  How does that make sense?

Bernie Sanders is not an outsider. His policies confirm that, but the next time a 23-year-old tells you that Bernie Sanders is the choice of the progressive movement, ask that brilliant young man or woman whether or not Uber is a progressive company.

If they say yes. Well, you’ve just won the argument haven’t you?

Bernie doesn’t want to go forward.  He wants to go back to a dark time in history that the world has chosen to leave behind. This is a man who honeymooned in the Soviet Union and has on more than one occasion praised the noble plight of Fidel Castro.

Bernie wants to go backwards and his take on Uber is a grand reaffirmation of that.