Every time you hear President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or any other Democrat speak, you would think that Europe is some liberal utopia with no problems and not a care in the world.  If only the evil Republicans would stop causing trouble and let the Democrats do what they want, then maybe we too could acquire a slice of the heavenly pie that is European socialism.

President Obama claims we should ban guns like England.  Bernie Sanders says we should give everyone free healthcare and college tuition like Sweden.  Hillary Clinton says, well whatever the crowd she is speaking to wants her to say, but the overall liberal message is that Europe is doing great and it’s because the citizens are so much smarter than us and they vote to the left at every turn.

Well, that’s not actually the case.

From The Daily Caller:

A crushing sweep for conservatives in Poland’s Sunday election means that left-wing parties have been entirely eliminated from the country’s parliament, the Sejm, for the first time since the end of World War 2.

The feat is all the more impressive because Poland uses a proportional representation system where instead of electing individual members, seats are doled out by how much of the vote each party received. To qualify, the United Left, a coalition of Poland’s social democrats, greens, and other left-wing elements, needed to get just 8 percent of the vote– and they couldn’t even manage that.

Instead, the bulk of Sejm seats will be split between two parties of varying degrees of conservatism. The victorious Law and Justice party is skeptical of the European Union, opposes the acceptance of large amounts of migrants, but is also rather protectionist on economics. Civic Platform, the second-place party, is more free-market in its economics and is pro-European Union. Both are quite socially conservative.

How about that?  Seems like not everyone in Europe is happy with the fact that the EU is crumbling and that once prominent nations like Spain and Greece are buckling under the weight of their debt and deficits.

The left in America has praised countries like Germany who have promised to blindly accept hundreds of thousands of Syrian immigrants without figuring out if they are potentially dangerous or not.

That’s actually been a huge debacle if you are interested.

People in Poland, don’t like that idea too much and it appears this was one of the primary reasons they rebuked the liberal party in this latest election.

Conservatives in the United States are not the only ones concerned about recklessly letting anyone and everyone live in their country without any kind of vetting process.

Remember Poland the next time a liberal tells you that Europe as a whole rejects conservative principles.

And by the way, for all those Bernie Sanders supporters who are fans of SmallGovReport, Sweden has 9.5 million citizens while the United States has 320 million.  Not exactly apples to apples.