While the president was politicizing gun control before the bodies were even counted in Oregon and shamelessly exploiting the death of a fallen firefighter to push his own personal climate change agenda, many Americans were preoccupied with concerns about the anemic economy and the astronomical national debt that has exploded over the last seven years.

The national debt does not seem to be as important to President Obama as bashing Republicans and thumbing his nose at Congress but the ramifications from this rapidly worsening problem threaten to turn the entire country upside down in a significantly more violent fashion than any of the irrelevant issues that the Democrats lazily champion.

According to a newly released report from the Congressional Budget Office, in just 12 years, the government will completely run out of the money it needs to provide basic functions like build roads, fund the military, and support education.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

By 2027, all federal revenues will go to entitlement programs and interest on the debt, said Rep. Dave Brat (R., Va.) on C-SPAN.

“There won’t be a dollar left to run government, military, roads, education, all the things folks want,” he said, citing a report from the Congressional Budget Office.

“In the short run you just can’t spend more than you have and every family knows that, every firm knows that,” he said. “Firms are firing people right now instead of hiring because they can’t meet payroll. So that’s how the real world works and the only place it doesn’t work like that is up here.”

The CBO’s findings show that the outlook for the federal budget has worsened since the recession and policies implemented afterward have made spending increase and revenues shrink and caused deficits to rise.

As a candidate for president, Barack Obama famously trumpeted the remark that President Bush was “unpatriotic” for raising the national debt as recklessly as he was.

There are many valid accusations to throw President Bush’s way after a tumultuous and controversial 8 years as president but unpatriotic is certainly not one of them.

President Obama on the other hand, took George W. Bush’s spending tendencies and multiplied them exponentially to the point where the United States will owe nearly $20 trillion dollars in debt by the time he leaves office, compared to 10.6 trillion when he assumed the throne.

Debt and deficits like the ones that President Obama has convinced the public are normal, are absolutely devastating for economic growth and if this CBO report is accurate, the president will leave the White House in 2016 knowing full well that the country is on track for a full economic meltdown in a decade if we continue at the pace he set.

Today’s Democrats are adamant that the country is on the right track because of a Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, executive orders that unilaterally grant legal status to illegal immigrants, massive amounts of taxpayer dollars being shoveled to Planned Parenthood, and race riots on the streets of Baltimore but when it comes to having enough money to build roads and provide basic government functions, radio silence.

If President Bush growing the debt was unpatriotic, it would be safe to say what President Obama has done counts as full blown treason.