Wednesday night’s debate was a great one by every standard.

An incredibly deep and talented field was on full display in what proved to be an informative, consequential and highly entertaining presentation.

Lost in the shuffle perhaps were the tweets coming from Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders who proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have lost their minds.

Here are some of the greatest hits.

Odd. The prime minister of Israel doesn’t seem to think so. I seem to remember a certain someone in Iran saying a certain something about wiping Israel off the map, but that’s fine we can take your word for it.

Did I miss something? Were the Republicans talking about taking away health care rights? Of course they weren’t.  They were talking about the stunning immorality of the Planned Parenthood videos and the taxpayer money being funneled to that organization by the bucket load. A completely different issue.

Here comes Bernie! Charging out of the gate with a tweet about his favorite subject, Citizens United.  Something that exactly 7 people in the country think is important enough for him to talk about as much as he does.

War. Bernie’s sweet spot. Never mind the fact that no one on the stage said they wanted to go to war. It’s interesting how Bernie likes to talk about war so much when he has been in Washington for 20 years voting to fund the wars.

Turned my head for one second and Hillary is speaking Spanish on me!  This literally translates into Republicans are racist. That’s a new one…

Back to Bernie, still pretending he hasn’t been in Washington for 20 years.  Seriously, have you ever seen a candidate more responsible for all the problems the country is facing that still calls himself an outsider?

Uh oh watch out! Hillary’s got jokes. The woman who doesn’t understand Uber and wants to revive failed ideas from 100 years ago is taking shots at Republicans for not being content with the lowest labor participation rate in 40 years.

Wait what? I think it’s getting close to Bernie’s bed time.

Are you not watching the debate?

I think we’re losing Bernie!

Hillary gave up on tweeting and is now re-tweeting other people’s lame attempts to make points.

We lost Bernie!