Everyone is well aware of the several Planned Parenthood videos that have surfaced which have clearly shown that nefarious activity is taking place at America’s largest abortion provider.

At the very least, the videos warrant a full investigation.

But apparently at Office Depot, anyone who is troubled by these recent revelations is “discriminating” against Planned Parenthood.

From The Daily Caller:

Office Depot may face a lawsuit after refusing to print flyers that criticize Planned Parenthood, saying the flyers “persecute” people who believe in abortion rights.

Maria Goldstein, 42, of Illinois asked Office Depot on Aug. 20 to print 500 anti-Planned Parenthood fliers, but the employee refused. The flier had facts about Planned Parenthood from the organization’s annual report as well as a prayer calling for the “conversion” and “enlightenment” of those who support the organization.

Office Depot BACKED the employee and claimed that printing pro-life fliers advocates the persecution of people who support abortion rights.


This is how the liberal media complex operates.

First of all, printing pro-life fliers doesn’t discriminate against anyone.  That argument only kind of makes sense, emphasis on the kind of, if you believe this entire controversy is about the legality of abortion.  Which it clearly isn’t.

Second of all, what is more “discriminatory” in this situation: printing a flier, or stopping a heart beat?

I would argue, that killing something is far more discriminatory than holding a sign.

We know for a fact that partial birth abortions are being performed to most effectively harvest organs.  Against the law.

We know for a fact that the employees on the videos were haggling and negotiating prices for shipping the body parts of aborted children.  Against the law.

Taxpayer funded abortions are supposed to be against the law.  $500 million of taxpayer dollars goes to Planned Parenthood each year but yet somehow they manage to convince the public they don’t use a dollar for abortions.

Even if you disagree with everything above and firmly believe that Planned Parenthood can do no wrong and if they don’t exist women can’t access healthcare (a myth), you have to at least acknowledge the absurdity of the argument that printing a sign is discriminatory while terminating a pregnancy isn’t.

I wonder how many Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street protesters Office Depot turned away?

I’m going to guess zero.