President Obama’s fantastic Iran deal which prevented World War III and stopped Iran from ever acquiring a nuclear bomb appears to be on the verge of passing through Congress.

Sure there are some people who are skeptical of the fact the deal doesn’t require Iran to disclose how far their program has developed until now, gives them three weeks notice before inspections, gives them billions of dollars to play around with, and doesn’t free any of the Americans currently imprisoned in Iran but other than that, it’s a pretty solid deal right?

Well, not according to 80% of the country.

From The Weekly Standard:

A new Pew poll finds shrinking support among the American people for the nuclear deal with Iran. The poll found 49 percent are opposed to the deal, with 21 percent in support and 30 percent who say they don’t know.

That’s a 12-point drop in support for the deal from Pew’s poll two months ago, which found 33 percent supported the deal and 45 percent oppose it.

Half the country opposes this deal.  About a third of the country doesn’t know. And 20% of the country supports it.

These are unbelievable numbers.

This is President Obama’s crowning foreign policy achievement.  It will barely pass through Congress and the majority of the American people don’t support it.  It’s almost impossible to look back at Obama’s foreign policy and call it anything but a failure.  This Iran deal has trouble written all over it and to this day Iran is reiterating that America is still their enemy and that they have no intention of following United Nations sanctions.

The Middle East is as unstable as it has ever been and at least the American people seem to be wising up to that fact.

This deal perfectly encapsulates President Obama’s rise to power by exemplifying one of his campaign themes.


This deal is almost completely contingent on hope, which unfortunately is not a strategy.